Just a quick update from the DR.  We are working hard to finish up the Church for dedication on Thursday morning at 10:00 am.  Tonight the lights were turned on!  It’s actually easier to install the electric by night as they have no power during the day….so tonight the lights are going in and coming on.  The Church shines like a beacon…. brighter than any single LED bulb can illuminate. The humbling moment was seeing the lights coming on…and the front doors going in….and knowing that WE are giving our BEST to God and to the poorest of the poor.  As Pope  Francis reminds us over and again, if we give our BEST to God and to the poor, we are certainly doing something very right and good and Godly and holy. It means that somehow, someway we have our priorities in a good place — God first. God is taking our offering and creating something so much more. This Church will shine like a beacon of hope to those most in need.  They will come here again and again and find the grace, comfort and strength of God in their lives.

A touching story….We went from house to house to visit the members in the community.  One of the woman was suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage.  We were offering comfort and the assurance of our prayers.  She kept interrupting wanting us to know that “Yo voy a La Missa alla inglesia nueva”  Translate….she is coming to the Mass in the new Church (on Thursday). What we take so for granted is her comfort and her strength!  I have no doubt that she will find a way to be with us on Thursday and serve as a humbling example of a great truth — everything we have comes from the Lord and everything we need can only be found in God.  She knows this truth in her life.

There’s much to do before Thursday.  Needless to say God will provide and the work will be done.  Be assured of our prayers and thoughts and deep gratitude.  God has blessed our efforts in 2013 to bring hope and Light and houses to the poorest of the poor.  In the early days of 2014, God’s house will be a great gift we give to the Lord and to God’s people.  God bless you!

Father Bob Stec