The excitement and joy defies words…

It’s almost 1 am on Sunday night/Monday morning. The team has wrapped things up after an exhausting day. Pictures of our progress and completed projects are attached and already filling Facebook. They just concluded a great evening and will be home on Monday.

I would simply offer one mental picture of the day that speaks volumes to our efforts, and progress, and the work of Mission Possible.  Amid all the activity of the day (painting, leveling dirt, setting the block for the Church, installing lights and plugs and switches and more) five families arrived between 3:30 and 5 pm and began to move their humble, simple belongings into their new homes. The excitement and the joy defies words. They were so excited…so happy!! It was a moment to behold. What a privilege to help, and serve, and provide housing for the poorest of the poor.

They are rich tonight in gratitude…in the awareness of God’s blessings…and of your goodness.

Every house in both communities is now full. One is now occupied by a woman with polio…another by a woman with both legs amputated below the knee cap because of diabetes…another a family living on the river…and on and on…they sleep tonight in new homes…well built homes…gifts from God and you.

Watch for a complete wrap up report and pictures in the next few days. For me, I will always remember this inspiring mental picture in my heart.

Thanks for your support. Together we are making the world a little better because of God’s love working, and active, and present in your lives and in our work.

Father Bob Stec