Mission Possible XII – Day 3

Today was all about walls…..walls coming down and walls going up.

The theme for today was courage….courage to open your heart to hear God’s call.  It’s quite the challenge wherever we are.  We all know what we want to do….and yet, God has a vision and a plan for each of our lives….WE are called.  It takes courage (the word itself means to ACT from your heart) to open our very selves… our hearts to the Lord.  It really means….opening your heart to what God already has planted deep in our hearts from the first moments of our life.  Hopefully, this mission experience is helping all of our team members to simply allow their hearts to hear what God has sown deep within them.   Every day…in so many clear ways….God helps us by calling out to each of us to simply do what is in our heart…and to be what is in our heart…and to embrace with all our heart…God’s vision.  The more we act with courage…to be who God wants/fashioned/calls us to be, the more we will be alive and full of life.

So we pray that we can break down the walls of our heart to hear God.

Two short reflections from the team today:

While the walls went up in two new houses, we continued to break down walls with our friends in the village. Many of the people of the village worked hand-in-hand with us today to do great things for the Lord.

While two of our missionaries were moping the floor in preparation for the Quantum Learning program, a group of women from the village brought their mops from home and helped clean the floor. It was a community effort for our children.

The mission experience will be most meaningful not because of the work we did, or what we build….but it will be life changing and shaping, if we allow ourselves to hear God’s call.

The work continued on this very hot day.  The team is holding up very well.  Everyone is healthy and in great spirits.  A high point of the day was taking a quick break chewing on fresh sugar cane.  What a great moment!

As you might imagine, we are working as hard as we can to complete these houses and the chapel walls.  It’s taking a lot of convincing and a few gifts to keep the supply train moving….but moving it is….about 500 blocks were set for the houses.  About 800 were set for the chapel.  I would imagine that tomorrow that house count moves to 800 and the chapel hits 1500….we are on the move…and we are ‘building church’….and we are acting with courage…hearts open to the Lord.

The day concluded with Mass at the Basilica.  Tomorrow’s highlight…Pala Pizza (it’s a surprise).

Keep the team in your prayers….and know that you are in ours.

God bless.

Father Bob