Mission Possible XII – Day 2

“It was a great day.”  Father Andy summed up Day 2 of our mission trip with these words….people working together….a great spirit of cooperation…an eagerness to serve…and an openness to hearing God call each of us by name.  Any day…and all the time….when we bring these same ‘ingredients together’…working together….cooperation….eagerness to serve…openness to God….we will always…and in all ways….have a great day.


This being said, it really was a great day in all ways.  By the time you read this (on Wednesday morning) we will be ‘throwing block’ on the two houses we set out to build, and on the community center that will transform into a Church, God willing, over the next few years.  Today we dug…and dug…and dug the foundations for these two houses (20 x 22) and for the Community Center (30 x 60) on the new land.  By the time the sun set, the dirt was removed and the cement was poured to set a strong foundation for these homes — houses for the poorest of the poor – and a House for God where all can come and find the hope and peace that is Jesus Christ.   There was a genuine excitement in the community, as we poured the final foundations by headlights.  The conversation ended with some of the locals tonight as we discussed that with God and strong faith – all things are possible.


This great day was a flurry with activity – paint being spread in the building that will be the nursery/child care center and the new house (that will actually be used to house the Kindergarten class from the school).  Trash collected throughout the community.  On this trip we are making our own lunches (PB&J sandwiches).  The medical team spent the majority of the day cleaning and setting up the medical center that will be taken over by the government (for medical services all the time) after we leave.  They are set and ready to see patients in the morning.  All in all, a hot day – a day filled with great work by the team on behalf of our sisters and brothers in the DR.


Perhaps, for me, the profound moment of this great day came about 7 pm.  We were pouring the foundation for the building that will be the Church…..we were surrounded by 25 local ‘hombres’ (men) who had been working so hard during the day to assist with the excavation of the Church….there was a joy about what was going on….and all were aware that we “together’ were building Church….and we were/are building Church.  Some of you from Holy Angels will recall that ‘Building Church’ was the name of our efforts to build a New Church for Holy Angels Parish…..more than a building….all of us coming together…working together…sharing together….building the Church of God.  What a blessing!  What a great day!   It is humbling for me to again be a part of setting the foundation for a Church that will serve as a beacon of light and hope for all who are in need.


Wednesday promises to be a very full day.  Thanks to the help of Gary Mock, we have a clear roadway to the house of God, and a great plan for the new community.  Thanks to Jim Boyd, I can tell you that we ordered 4700 blocks to construct the houses and the Church/community center.  Thanks to a team working hand in hand with the Dominicans, we had a great day ‘building church’.  All those blocks will start to take place tomorrow.


Tomorrow I will remind the team of missionaries that each of us is like one of these living stones (or cement block) in the Church – the Body of Christ.


We will also begin a special program for the teachers, and adults, and part of our team on ‘best ways’ to help students learn through Quantum Learning.  WE are giving the best we have to help those who have very little formal education.  This is a game changer, and promises to be another GREAT day.


Please keep the mission team in your prayer.  It is very hot!  They need to be drinking more water!!!  All are healthy and in good shape.


I pray that today will be a GREAT day for you….follow the recipe:  working together….cooperation….eagerness to serve…openness to God….we will always…and in all ways….have a great day in the Lord.