Day #9

Don’t judge the book by the cover!

Tonight we were out interviewing families for houses. We were pulling up to a house that was a great house for the area – and they were having a wonderful birthday celebration.  From the car I had already concluded that this family clearly does not need a house.  The dad/husband greeted us at the car and then proceeded to lead us up an incline and down the sidewalk only to find that his six kids along with his wife live behind this great house in a 10 ft x 20 ft two room add on off the back.  All eight sleep in the one room.  The other room is the kitchen and living space.  WOW.  What a great surprise and a powerful reminder to never ‘judge the book by the cover’ or the back of the house by the front!!  They are wonderful people….a great couple…beautiful kids.  Tomorrow they will move into Community Number One along with three other families.

Tonight as I was driving back to the hotel I watched a mom riding on the back of a motorcycle.  It’s the most common means of affordable transportation.  For those who have been here, you can easily see two or three people on a dirt bike….amazing.  As I was driving I noticed that she was carrying her less than two year old child.  My first reaction was – really!!  It’s almost 10 pm.  It’s dark.  They are on a motorcycle (with a driver)….Really.  And then I watched the child embrace the mom, and the mom with the greatest of love and tenderness embrace her baby.  It was tender and loving.  It was beautiful to behold.  It was a clear reminder of the power of love and the transcendence of love in very land, culture and human heart.

The team members from Saint Joe’s Academy are doing a simply amazing job this week with Vacation Bible School.  Don’t tell my brother (principal of Padua who has lead VBS in the past) but the girls of SJA are simply amazing…great attention to the students…super preparation…great activities…meaningful lessons…well thought activities.  What a great blessing for the young people who are learning the ways of the Lord.

Todd Zima – super mission team member extraordinaire — is leading the charge to secure the integrity of the septic system, rebuilding play areas, and doing home repairs for the 8 year old houses.

By the time you get tomorrow’s letter:

  • three more families will find themselves in new homes
  • VBS will be winding up
  • the play set will be like new
  • a new sign will emerge in the new community to create a real sense of entry and welcome
  • lights will be installed in the new community to create a community that is bright and sparky and safe and secure
  • we decommissioned computers from Saint Ambrose School….8 of these laptops will be the first computer lab in the area….with WIFI (thanks to Dr. Cedeno)
  • the team will enjoy another day together
  • the Gospel will be preached
  • the community/med center will receive a coat of paint
  • the roofs installed by Team Goebel will be cleaned

As tender as the mom on the motorcycle embraced her child….even more may God embrace you and keep you in His care.