Mission Possible XII – Day 4

Tonight Lebron James and the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship.  While there probably isn’t too much celebrating in Cleveland, the appropriate trophies were presented and rings  given.   Even in Higuey it was a big event.  As I sit here and reflect on the end of the day, I simple would ask….after al l the celebrations are done….what difference will it make that they won the title?  Did it or will it make the world a better place.  Don’t get me wrong….congratulations are deserved for hard work and effort.  But amid all the world-wide hoopla for the game(s)….is it really going to make a difference???

And today, some of the things the WE (our team of missionaries and all of those who support the mission) did today include:

…Today was the first full day of a super camp offered by Quantum Learning for 115 young children (age 6 to 12).  It’s a top notch program that helps young people to learn and expand their minds and thoughts.  After an ‘energetic’ start….our team worked side by side teachers and presenters to create a phenomenal experience for the youngest of our members.  At the end of the day, teens and adults, from the DR and Wickliffe and Brunswick sat side by side reflecting on their common experience.  They are helping children develop their minds and form loving hearts.

…Today WE finished working on the Nursery/childcare center so that in a few weeks young children will no longer have to be at home with their 7 and 9 year old siblings who are providing child care while mom and dad are laboring (working low paying jobs to support their families).  Now the children will be in a safe and structured environment.  WE prepared that building and are working with members of the community to begin this affordable service (which will also create jobs).

…Today WE were with member of the US government advocating for continued support for the poorest of the poor in the world.  As our government reviews all its spending, we were discussing ways for our government to do more good with less resources in a timely and efficient way.  WE were discussion how our country is making a difference throughout the world.

…Today WE, through the loving and patient care of our medical outreach team, were offering the loving compassion of Christ to people who only get to see doctors/nurses when we are with them.  Lovingly they listened to every ache and ailment offering love, care and some appropriate medical advise.  WE were healing the world.

The examples couple go on and on…..the team is very reflective and alive.  Each member of the team is in a ‘family’ spending time at the end of each day in prayerful reflection on their experiences.  I am sure they will share their personal stories when we get home next week.    Today concluded with a mission trip treat of Pala Pizza….all good!!!  Pizza transcends language barriers and culture differences.

So…the NBA playoffs are a fine thing.  But what difference is it really going to make in the life of the world.  Today our team in Higuey did a lot of things….from spreading paint…to a healing touch….to painting a nursery…..to teaching the poorest of the poor how to read forever…..and while no trophies will be given….what are mission team is doing is in fact making a world of difference that will make all the difference in the life of the world.

Please keep us in prayer.  We are at the ‘tired’ point of the trip as people wear down a bit in the heat and hard work.  Pray for patience and peace for the team.  All the projects are progressing along well….wait til you see the end results…..a better world for all.

A question for your day…..you will have many choices today….and do many things….what will you do that will make a real difference in the life of the world?  Not sure of what to do, simple ask God…for today He is calling you to do great work in His name…that will change the world forever.