Day #5

Thank You GOD!!

One of the locals, who helps us, has some facility in English.  One of his phrases is, “Thank you God.”  It’s somewhat engaging to hear him use this broken English phrase.  It is one that I have heard him say often.  For example, tonight it rained (literally on our picnic).  It has not rained here for weeks to which he said, “Thank you God.”  He needs the rain for his cows.  His cow birthed a calf today…to which he responded, “Thank you God.”  The examples could go on and on…..”Thank you God.”  It reveals a very simple and profound truth that all we have is from the Lord.  No gift should ever be taken for granted.  From the rain that showers upon us, to the birth of a calf or child…to the sun that shines each day, to every opportunity we have….”Thank you God!

  • for the houses almost done being painted…Thank you God
  • for the completion of the baseball camp….Thank you God.
  • for the chaos the English lessons team caused as they helped all the children make shakers (empty water bottles filled with gravel) and the intense noise 140 of them made…Thank you God.
  • for the safe arrival of our second team tonight….Thank you God.
  • for an amazing evening of culture that we enjoyed at the Campo (outdoor family pavilion) of one of our friends in the DR, and for the great cultural food (sugar cane and coconuts) along with good friendship and an amazing view….Thank you God.
  • for the blessing of identifying three families for new houses in our community who are eager to give/share/and enter the community….Thank you God.
  • for the blessing of our mission team working so hard in very hot weather while singing and laughing…Thank you God.
  • for those who moved the dirt to dress up the newly painted homes…Thank you God.
  • for the grater finally arriving to help move dirt to create an outfield for the baseball diamond….Thank you God.
  • for the folk at Saint Ambrose who are keeping things going well while I am here…Thank you God.
  • for the FEST team who is doing the same, and responding to my flurry of emails that come each night as we prepare for August 3…Thank you God.
  • for YOU taking the time to read this and keep the Mission Team in your prayers…Thank you God.

Every gift is a blessing from God.

Today’s Gospel reminds us that where our heart is…there will our treasure be….if our hearts are so aware of God’s presence….we will find, every day, that we are richly blessed…by the Lord.  Thank you God.  For the good and simple man who helps us and uses this phrase….”Thank you God”.

Take care.

Keep us in prayer as we pray for you.