People in our community, our very neighbors, are in great need of our help.

You don’t need to leave the country to help those in need. The most common response we hear from family and friends as we leave for a mission trip is “I wish I could go. I wish I could help.” There are many ways you can help…right here in our own neighborhoods. It would allow us to continue the mission of Jesus, renew friendship between mission team members & create new bonds, strengthen our construction and fix up skills, and MOSTLY it would allow us to do great good…at HOME! 

We hope to have many more opportunities to help right here in Northeast Ohio, check back here for dates and locations!

So while we need to continue our efforts for the poorest of the poor in the Dominican Republic, before you jump on the plane, give us your thoughts. We would love to hear from you!

Mission Possible: Local Help!

  • (i.e. painting, great with kids, medical, carpentry, electrical, building, drywalling, landscaping, photography, leadership, can be anything! Our gifts combined can do GREAT things!)
  • (i.e. Shelters, food banks, non-profits, schools, nursing homes, day cares, or other any foundations that support a great cause.)


Thanks to your support and goodness, over the course of the year you, and us together, have given the perfect gift to our family in the mission community.