After working out the kinks, the clinic is running like a well- oiled machine.   Who says you can’t see a family of 9 all at once?  Thanks to Eva ( La Jeffa) for keeping the kids in line and Chris for doing just about everything-clothes sorting for our Clothe- A – Family Program, label making and hydrating the team.  Dr. Andrew has seen lots of high blood pressure and performed minor surgery and even performed a newborn well baby check.  Dr. Molly feels right at home, treating a malnourished, post-partum psychotic women who is now talking and coming out of her house!!   In addition, she’s checked every ear, nose and throat of all the villagers under the age of 18 of course.  Her translator, Lucy has now earned her own MD.  Maria is a pro at blood pressures, local anesthetic and has about 100 boyfriends in the village.  Linda has held court with reading to kids, assisting the docs and checking everyone’s vital statistics.  Marie and Cheryl fill about 100 pill bottles per hour and keep everyone in line.  Cheryl even taught Dr. Molly how to give antipsychotic injections.  Kathryn and Joel took a business road trip to Santa Domingo to have lunch with a General in the Dominican Army that they met last year in Portugal.  Joel is hoping the relationship will be good to have when he moves to Higuey, but that is another story…… Dale and Jack spent the day “drug running” AKA delivering meds to every house in the village and Dale is officially the village’s diabetic educator.

So far, in 2-1/2 clinical days, we have seen 250 patients…We are exhausted!

Dr. Molly and Linda