“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.”

Please feel free to contact anyone on the board with questions, comments or concerns!

Vision Board

Joel Hampton – jhampton@missionpossible.us
Diane Graham – dgraham@missionpossible.us
Donna Mazone – dmazone@missionpossible.us
Eva Dolan – edolan@missionpossible.us
Gary Mock – gmock@missionpossible.us
Jennifer Presising – jpresising@missionpossible.us
Kathy Plaveski – kplaveski@missionpossible.us
Lori Betz – lbetz@missionpossible.us
Marlene Antonius – marleneantonius@missionpossible.us
Peter Roethler – proethler@missionpossible.us
Meghan Cupach – mcupach@missionpossible.us
Kathy Krieger – kkrieger@missionpossible.us
Patrick Meidenbauer -pmeidenbauer@missionpossible.us
Sarah Krieger – skrieger@missionpossible.us


Thanks to your support and goodness, over the course of the year you, and us together, have given the perfect gift to our family in the mission community.