Day #2

Cover the World

Today, I went to the local Sherwin Williams store (about an hour away from our mission community) to get paint for the exterior of the five houses we are completing this week.  Truth be told, the SW paint is superior to the local brands so it’s well worth the ride.  On the way there, I saw an old billboard for our very own Cleveland based Sherwin Williams which reminded me of their infamous phrase:  “Cover the World.”  They are referring to paint and while we are painting, we are covering our world with HOPE and the mercy of God.

Today, you would have seen and experienced HOPE and JOY in the team working together to prime the houses getting them ready for paint.  As they worked (actually really well), they were singing, and laughing, and working side by side with the locals who jumped in to do their share.  You would have experienced the same energy in the teams digging three foundations for new houses.

The paint was flying as we painted the name of the Church on the front of the building “Iglesia de la Divina Misericordia” – the Church of Divine Mercy.  The doors wide open offering a place of comfort and hope to all who pass by and all who stop in to find the Lord.

We are working hard to cover this corner of our world with Hope, and Love, and Mercy, and Kindness.  The team tonight reflected mightily on the joy they found among the poorest of the poor.  They are finding great peace in not texting and calling their US friends… just relaxing and enjoying the new friendships they are forming.  They are stretching their bodies by doing work they don’t normally do.  Mostly, they are stretching their hearts to meet new people and serve those most in need.

This comes full circle to the opening reflection that I offered them at the start of the day. Today’s Gospel reminds us that it is easy to love those who love you.  It’s easy to be kind to those who are kind to you.  It’s easy to give when someone is going to give you something back.  The Gospel challenge is to love those you hate.  To care for those who are hard to love.  To give without counting the cost.  When we embrace Jesus’ way of living and loving – then, wherever we are and whatever we are doing – we will cover the world with love, compassion, hope, and the spirit of Jesus Christ.

When we see, hear, live and love with the eyes of Jesus, we will always find the fullness of joy.  In truth, enough JOY, and HOPE, and LOVE to cover the whole world.

Watch for pictures tomorrow.  The team is well….really well.  They are happy and enjoying the adventure of Gospel Living.

Keep us in your prayers and know that you are in ours.  Your support and prayers makes the mission possible.  One last reflection, tonight one of the mission team members shared the story that when they were struggling to do something in the project today – one of the locals gently reminded them that all things are possible with God.  They thought it was ‘cool’ that they remind ‘me’ of this lesson, and then she went on to make the connection of mission possible…for with God…it is possible to make the whole world better with our faith and love in Jesus Christ.