Puente Report – February 21, 2019

Puente teacher Andres returned for a fourth term at the beginning of February, 2019.  This term will last until June.  He is teaching four classes.  Each class meets for a Saturday and a Sunday session.  Each class currently has between 19 and 25 students, but we typically find that more students join a few weeks into each term.  There is one class of beginners, two classes of intermediate, and one class of adults that focuses on work-related English.

Armando and Leanny continue to do well in their new jobs.  Andres has other opportunities for anyone interested in resort work.  The waitress/waiter jobs require English and most of the students Andres thinks have the English proficiency for the job are still in high school.  He believes he has 25 teenage students who are speaking well enough for these types of jobs, which is promising for when they finish school and are looking for work.