Work Clothes:

• Several pairs of pants
• T-shirts with sleeves
• Work boots and socks
• Tennis Shoes
• Leather work gloves
• Sunglasses and a hat or bandana

Casual Clothes:

• Shorts
• Bathing suit and towel for possible beach trip
• One nice outfit for Sunday Mass (no shorts, short skirts or sleeveless tops)
• Flip Flops/Sandals

Personal Items:

• Basic toiletries: shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
• Necessary medications in their original containers
• Antibacterial hand gel and/or antibacterial wipes
• Bug spray (at least 30% deet)
• Suntan lotion
• Necessary personal hygiene products (i.e. tampons)


• Backpack
• Bible
• Shower towel & wash cloth
• Rain Coat/Poncho
• Journal or some reading material for free time and plane ride
• Battery-Operated Clock
• Air fresheners
• Plastic/Garbage bags to bring home dirty clothes, boots, etc.

What not to pack:

• Expensive watches or jewelry
• Electronic games, laptops, or DVD players
• Any fruits or unsealed meats
• Wireless phones

Bring at your own risk:

• iPod
• Digital Camera
• Money for incidentals