The Relief in Being Wrong

by Joe Ertle, missionary As our two teams of Mission Possible slowly settles back into life here at home, a number of missionaries took the chance to reflect on the many blessings and joys they have experienced here at home and while in the Dominican Republic. A common feeling amongst the missionaries was the extreme

Winter 2018 Newsletter

DOWNLOAD PDF: Winter 2018 Newsletter Regalo de Dar..."Gift of Giving" Help those in need who are facing life-threatening conditions. Regalo de Dar is Spanish for the “gift of giving.”  Some of our high school and college-age mission team members have set the pace and reminded us of the real ‘reason for the season.’ They’ve just

Haitians seek relief in Dominican border town but find security crackdown

Dominican Republic increases security force in Dajabon, worsening tensions at border with Haiti January 23, 2015 5:00AM ET by Renee Lewis DAJABON, Dominican Republic —  Every Monday and Friday morning, the bi-national market town of Dajabon fills up. Thousands of Haitians cross the border into the Dominican Republic and line the streets of Dajabon with

Mission Possible XVI: Day 11: Transformation

Day #11 Transformation Dr. Cedeno is our really good friend in the DR.  He has a great heart for his community.  He’s a natural community leader.  Today Jake Bihari and I were invited by Dr. Cedeno to the dedication of the regional rehabilitation center.  The community raised all the money needed to create a rehab

Mission Possible XVI: Day 7: New Homes. Home Plate. Homecoming

Day #7 New Homes • Home Plate • Homecoming What a day!  That’s all I can say to sum up the day.  We had 55 eager missionaries all over the place doing all sorts of things.  The day began with some cultural immersion.  The group toured the Basilica, visited the crazy market, and the Mont Santa

Mission Possible XVI: Day 6: Three Bulbs and a Small Fridge

Day #6 Three bulbs and a small Fridge!   This evening we visited several families to interview them for the new houses.  Part of the question concern both their income and their expenses.  The common response for the electric bill was 1300 pesos – about $35.  I know that my dad would be thrilled with

Mission Possible XVI: Day 5: Thank You God!!

Day #5 Thank You GOD!! One of the locals, who helps us, has some facility in English.  One of his phrases is, “Thank you God.”  It’s somewhat engaging to hear him use this broken English phrase.  It is one that I have heard him say often.  For example, tonight it rained (literally on our picnic).  It has